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Statutory and Legal Compliance

The TIG Group and its divisions comply to the following statutory requirements and day to day operations.

  • UIF
  • COID
  • SARS
  • OHS Act
  • MHS Act when operating in mining Environments.

As a pre-emptive measure in servicing our mining clients as soon as possible, most of our plant are mine ready and can be deployed when required.

Operators and other personnel are competent and medically fit to ensure a safety working and compliant day to day operation.

Social Responsibility

Part of our business model is the upliftment and investment in local communities and previously disadvantaged contractors. TIG believes in the development of individuals who participate in the construction industry and do not necessary have the financial capability to participate.

Partnering with upcoming entities ensure that the future of the industry remain competitive and grow steadily.

We acknowledge our responsibility in the participation of community projects and understand the responsibility to develop public places. Our latest initiative was the assistance to a religious organization in Bloemhof, that lies at the centre of the community.

As a BBE Level 2 Company we seek out partnerships that share our vision.

Environmental Friendly

Taking cognisance of our impact on the environment is part of the TIG Group’s effort to ensure environmental compliance in all operational areas.

Recycling in our plant division, rehabilitation in our material sourcing operations and the sourcing of environmentally friendly products ensure that our footprint on the environment is kept to a minimum.

Creating partnerships with companies that share our work ethics  assist in creating an industry standard to which affiliates must comply, ultimately broadening industry conscientious and environmental sensitivity. 

Health & Safety

The TIG Group and its divisions are committed to a safe work environment for all its employees. Regular training and assessment of risks ensure that works are completed without incident.

Operators and Foreman are sensitive to their workings within communities and understand the associated industry risks.

Plant inspections, regular service intervals and pre-emptive planning ensure a constant workflow without compromising legal requirements.

We pride ourselves in our safety culture and believe in assessment, change management and implementing risk reduction strategies.

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